In this four-part series, Devin Lloyd, HR Practice Leader at BizResults Consulting discusses his Core Leadership model. Core Leadership is a leadership philosophy that simplifies leadership into an easy to understand model with 25 areas for personal development. Manage absenteeism, increase employee engagement and build staff morale using proven leadership techniques.

Part I: Why Should I Care About Good Leadership?
It was my first day Roughnecking on Precision Drilling Rig #326 near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. I was on the floor of the drilling rig when the Tool Push/Rig Manager came up to me and took the spinning chain from my hands. “I didn’t know Tool Pushes could spin chain,” I said. “Let me show
you how it’s done,” said Tom as he grabbed the spinning chain from me and smoothly made the next few connections.

A few days later I was in the cellar, underneath the drilling rig, helping take the rig apart after the completion of another hole. I was loosening some bolts on the Blowout Preventer (BOP) and was unable to loosen one. Tom was standing there laughing. “Let me show you how it’s done,” he said as he grabbed the pipe wrench from my hand and began to wrestle with the tight bolt. He pushed and he pulled. Frustrated, Tom jumped up and down
on the pipe wrench that was firmly attached to the tight bolt. “SPLASH!THUD!” Down Tom went as he slipped off of the pipe wrench and down into
the mud. A few choice words flew from his mouth as he tried to dust off his muddy coveralls. Off to his trailer he went to get cleaned up for whatever was next.

Tom got in there with his people. He was willing to get dirty and show you how things were done. I worked hard for him. This was my
introduction to Breakthrough Leadership. I didn’t really know what great leadership was at the time and if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have expected to find it in the middle of nowhere on a drilling rig. Great leaders are not everywhere but they can be found anywhere making a huge
difference to those around them.

The Core Leadership by Lloyd training program looks at the Why, What and How of Leadership Development. There are many reasons why we need to develop the supervisory and leadership skills of people at all organizational levels. Research completed by Robert Porter Lynch, who holds a Masters’ degree from Harvard Business School, found that ‘Organizations with a high trust culture earn 40% to 286% higher profits.’ Hogan Assessments article titled, ‘Best Practices in Succession Planning,’ stated, “Competent leadership is paramount to a company’s success. Recent studies indicate that businesses with strong leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees.”

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