How many times have you seen some of your employees yawning a lot during the work hours or working like zombies with red eyes? And how many times have you or your managers being at the receiving end from an employee’s bad mood just because s/he wasn’t well rested? Adequate rest is a key element to boost employee engagement. After all, an employee who hasn’t slept well the night before is most likely to be grumpy and tired the next day at office and can lose temper easily when facing challenging situations. This will make him/her resent the work, workplace, superiors etc, which in turn would heavily damage his morale and the will to work more efficiently. No wonder many companies have come up with innovative ideas like sleep pods where employees can take micro-naps or afternoon naps, compulsory paid-off vacations, reduced working hours with the choice to work once or twice a week from home (telecommuting). But what do you do when despite your best efforts, your employees aren’t ready to take vacations, or resist the urge to take a nap when they really need it? Well, the answer lies in getting the message across in a planned manner and allaying fears that the employees may have.

Overworked employees can get their mind and body rejuvenated with compulsory paid-off vacations or even with short naps. Yet, they refute such offers and policies because they fear this will label them as incompetent. They are also afraid that being absent from the workplace would make them fall behind their colleagues with respect to chances of promotion, or being allotted a work that comes with bigger, better responsibilities. So, it’s the responsibility of managers or supervisors to allay such unfounded fears and ensure the employees are well rested and in a happy frame of mind to boost both productivity and employee engagement.

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