Employee Engagement

4 Factors That Crush Employee Engagement

You have read a lot about how you can boost employee engagement but did you know the factors that can crush your employee morale and adversely affect employee engagement? If not, take a close look at the top 4 factors here: Unclear goals: Just imagine moving the goalpost frequently and asking the footballer to score. [...]

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3 Sure Fire Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Every business knows the importance of boosting employee engagement because a motivated, well focused employee would be more productive and give the business bottom-line a big boost. Yet, many struggle to achieve this basic goal. If you too belong to this league, here are 3 sure fire tips to improve employee engagement: Ensure the workplace has a [...]

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Encouraging “Adequate Rest” – A Key Element for Employee Engagement

How many times have you seen some of your employees yawning a lot during the work hours or working like zombies with red eyes? And how many times have you or your managers being at the receiving end from an employee’s bad mood just because s/he wasn’t well rested? Adequate rest is a key element [...]

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3 creative ways for reducing staff turnover

You may have got a lot of advice for reducing staff turnover or wondered over several research results, each of which lists several steps to encourage employee retention. But did it all sound too much to incorporate all at once? If yes, try these simple yet effective three creative ways to keep your employees happy [...]

2 Key Components of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement isn’t the same as employee satisfaction. Though many feel the two to be synonymous, they aren’t. By employee satisfaction, we just mean how content or happy an employee is. But we don’t consider other factors like that individual’s level of involvement, motivation, or emotional commitment to the job as well as the company. [...]