High-performing organizations deal with tough issues and stay on top of current laws and industry trends.  Currently, in Canada, the legalization of cannabis is one such trend that Workplaces, Condo Associations, Schools, and Municipalities need to have a handle on.  While it is important to have policies and procedures in place to deal with difficult issues, it is equally important to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of these policies, procedures and programs.  This also facilitates workplace expectations for everyone’s understanding.  Up to 90% of new organizational initiatives fail because of a lack of planning and poor implementation.  This article provides you with three secrets to ensure your organization implements a Cannabis at Work policy successfully:

  • Include Medical Cannabis in your workplace policy or have a separate one for Medical Cannabis
  • Educate and train your employees on policies, cannabis use, consequences of impairment on the job, and medical cannabis. Teach supervisors and managers on recruitment processes, signs/symptoms of use, and indicators of job-specific impairment.
  • Augment your Cannabis in the Workplace policy by having other supporting policies and programs in place. Such policies may include progressive discipline and termination.  Supporting programs include an Employee and Family Assistance program and having a process to effectively deal with addictions at work as well as disability and Worker’s Compensation claims.

By following these three secrets to successfully implement a Cannabis policy in the workplace, you will increase your organization’s protection from potential lawsuits and ensure you protect as many of your management rights as possible over the long term.  Developing and educating staff on policies also contributes to having a fair and just culture in the workplace.

Does your organization have a policy on how to deal with Cannabis in the Workplace?  BizResults can help you develop a Cannabis in the Workplace policy and deliver training on that policy; or on any policy for that matter!

This is the last of three articles in our series on Cannabis in the Workplace.  We hope you enjoyed them!

All the best,

Devin Lloyd, MBA

CEO, BizResults Consulting

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


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