In today’s competitive and global marketplace, high-performance organizations need to stay on top of current laws and industry trends.  The legalization of cannabis in Canada is a hot topic that has many Workplaces and other entities such as Condo Associations, Schools, and Municipalities scrambling to adhere to federal, provincial, and municipal legislation.  With workloads, stress levels, and ‘doing more with less’ initiatives constantly on the rise, projects such as developing and updating human resource policies often shifts to the back burner.  Balancing the completion of putting out fires and completing daily tasks with the development of policies and procedures is no easy task.  You not only have to research and develop policies and procedures but you often have to go through various levels of organizational approvals to get your new policy in place.  This article provides you with three tips that can be used when developing a Cannabis policy in the workplace:

  • Treat it like alcohol. We don’t, or shouldn’t, allow alcohol at work unless we are running a licensed facility.  Employees have no right to be impaired at work just because marijuana is legal and are still required to report to work fit to perform their job.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy where staff members are not allowed to come to work under the influence and are not allowed to be in possession of cannabis at the workplace. This is particularly important for safety-sensitive jobs and worksites that require driving or operating heavy equipment.
  • Hang onto as much power as you can in your policy while arbitrators and courts work out the semantics of cannabis in the workplace. This will ensure your ability to maintain as many of your management rights and agility to govern as possible.  Keep in mind that regular, ongoing updates to your Cannabis in the Workplace policy will be required as this newly legalized substance works its way into Canada’s legal and procedural frameworks.

By following these three tips regarding Cannabis policies in the workplace, you will ensure you protect as many of your management rights as possible and ensure the safety of your employees over the long term.

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This is the second of three articles on Cannabis in the Workplace.


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