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Devin Lloyd - HR Practice Leader

Devin Lloyd, B.Com, FCUIC, P.A, MBA
CEO and Recruiter

A human resources and Management professional skilled at talent acquisition, employee relations, policy development and attendance management.  I have excellent interpersonal skills, business acumen, knowledge of finance, and well-developed communications abilities.  I have worked in a wide variety of positions from hands-on, front-line work in several sectors to senior-level executive positions.  I have over 25 years of business experience; including working in the Credit Union system, healthcare and government.  My experience includes management experience in the public and private sectors in union and non-unionized environments and I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life.  I obtained my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Saskatchewan with a focus on business strategy and am committed to lifelong learning and development in the areas of leadership and human resources

Allan Kozachuk - HR Practice Associate

Allan Kozachuk, B.Admin, M.Admin
HR Practice Associate and Recruiter

Allan has worked within the Human Resources field for the past thirty-five years and has experience in all aspects of Human Resource Management. His main areas of experience are in job evaluation, compensation, labour relations, and human resource planning. In the past, he has had involvement in Strategic and Operational planning and has also been involved in implementing planning systems. Allan has also taught University and Community College classes in Management, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, and Communications. He has a Master’s Degree in Administration from the University of Regina.