Whether your business is small or large in whatever sector, here’s my secret on how to make more money.

A few years ago I worked for the Battlefords Health District in Saskatchewan implementing a program to manage absenteeism.  Even before I started working there, people were calling me the ‘sick cop’.  Just after I started working with the Health District, one of the staff said to my face, “I take my day and a half of sick time every month and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it!”  Well, my friends, there was something I could do about it.  After Year one of implementing a program to manage absenteeism in conjunction with some employee engagement and retention initiatives, we realized a 500% Return on Investment.  Yes, I said a 500% ROI.  We saved over $300,000 on the organizations’ bottom line in just one year.  Where else can you get that kind of return on investment?!

I have taken and transformed that reliable program into an Amazing Discovery I call my ‘8 Steps to Building a High Performance Organization’ system.  I want to take a moment and tell you about our 8 Steps program and how it’s different than any other human resource program on the planet.  Here are the 8 Steps that we can tailor to your needs and drive your profits to the next level:

Step 1 is the foundational development and implementation of an innovative human resource policy library.  This is one key to managing transparently.  You don’t have to do this from scratch as we have a library of policy templates available to customize to your company’s needs.

Step 2 is Employee Engagement and Retention initiatives.  Again, we have a list of our favourites you can pick from and tailor to the needs of your organization.  One way to reduce stress for staff and improve their engagement is for them to have adequate insurance coverage in place.  If this interests you, please check out Bryan Moriarty’s article, ‘Is it Time for Your Insurance Audit’.

Step 3 involves the development of a strategic new Employee Onboarding and Orientation program.  In my experience, this is the one best thing you can do to engage and retain top performing staff and volunteers in your organization.

In Step 4 we review your Talent Acquisition, or hiring, process to see if we can transform it into something even better.

Step 5 is our signature offering that we call ‘the Termination 101 Toolbox.’Do you have any employees that are dragging their feet or poisoning your work culture?  If so, we can recommend a corrective process to remedy their absenteeism, behaviour or performance.  If this fails, then you will have the necessary tools to properly dismiss the employee while minimizing your exposure to expensive lawsuits.

Step 6 looks at how to develop and implement a process to measure your employees work performance.  Professor and management consultant Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets done.”

In Step 7 we help you determine if we can further motivate your employees’ performance with additional variable pay, or bonuses, to achieve exceptional performance levels.  At BizResults we believe ‘what gets measured and rewarded gets done really well.’

Step 8 is for organizations that are experiencing complex problems with managing employee absenteeism and who need help moving forward.  Just like I did in the Battlefords, I can help you effectively manage employee absenteeism and deliver a high return on investment.  For more information on how BizResults can help manage absenteeism check out my informative whiteboard video titled, “The Solution to Absenteeism problems in Your Workplace” on YouTube at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTiffu4ZKDw.

In their article on “Best Practices in Succession Planning,” Hogan Assessments said, “Competent leadership is paramount to a company’s success.  Recent studies indicate that businesses with strong leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees.”

Robert Porter Lynch, a Harvard educated scholar and global expert on trust said, ‘Organizations with a high trust culture earn 40% to 286% higher profits.’

We help you build organizational trust and our tools help you build confidence as a leader so you drive high performance from your people and consistently outperform your competition.

While our 8 Steps to Building a High Performance Organization works best as an overall system, we recognize that not every organization will require our complete 8 step approach and can effectively tailor steps in isolation.  I recommend all organizations with ten or more employees have at least the first five steps in place to align organizational momentum and maximize your potential for sustainable success.  If you lead an organization that’s big enough to need human resources support but is not large enough that you need to employ someone full time, then you need us as much as we need you.  These steps are not luxury items.  They are tools every organization needs to run smoothly or your costs will go up.

Devin Lloyd is the HR Practice Leader at BizResults Consulting.  BizResults Consulting is a full-service human resources management consulting firm based out of Red Deer, Alberta.  At BizResults Consulting we partner with you and your management team.  We provide you with customized tools to lead your organization and people more effectively.  We have a wealth of experience and a team of trusted Associates ready to work with your organization to improve your bottom line.  Call us today at 587.877.7797 or visit us online at www.BizResults.ca to book your complimentary Building a High Performance Organization consultation.  This program assumes you have competitive compensation and Occupational Health and Safety for your staff; if you don’t, we can help with that too.  To sign up for our Biz E-newsletter.

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