Hiring the right candidates, especially at a short notice, could be a nightmare and involve a lot of stress. But you can make the entire process seamless if you create a candidate pool in advance, from which you can call a select few for the interview, as and when a vacancy arises. This way, you can tap into a wide pool of talent and not risk missing out on the best of the lot. Wondering how to build a candidate pool to make your recruitment process seamless, faster and efficient? Here’s how to do it in 6 easy steps:

  1. Build good relationships with independent hiring specialists, recruitmentagencies and college/ university placement offices.
  2. Search passive potential candidates by scanning resumes on online job boards.
  3. Ask existing employees for referrals (from their present networks) or potential candidates they have met during workshops or professional conferences.
  4. Place advertisements in industry magazines and websites of relevant professional associations.
  5. Short-list potential employees by browsing various social media platforms and get in touch with them to see if they would be interested in working for you sometime in the future.
  6. You may even take a closer look at your in-house employees to short-list a few whom you feel are ready for the next big leap to take on bigger responsibilities and a higher position in the corporate hierarchy.

The key is to invest time and effort to create a candidate pool before a vacancy crops up. This way, when you are ready for recruitment, you will have a talent pool to draw upon and fill the vacancy fast without adversely affecting the company’s productivity (due to a post lying vacant for long just because you fail to find the right candidate). 

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