If you think new employee orientation is simply a waste of time and doesn’t serve much of a purpose, think again. It has several benefits, which is why companies – both big and small, continue to use it. Here are some of these benefits that you too can get by having a planned orientation for your new employees:

  • Conveying the fundamentals: Orientation gives the employer an opportunity to introduce the new employees to its business fundamentals and objectives, company polices, work culture, etc. along with making it clear what role they will play as a cog in the machine towards achieving overall business goals.
  • Avoid information overload: Orientation is a continuous process. Thus, after the initial session where the most important elements are covered, the rest is conveyed to the new joinee over a period of time. Without orientation, you may feed the employee with too much information at a time, thus overwhelming him/her.
  • Foster a friendly, productive ambiance: Orientation gives the new employee a feeling of belonging and creates a friendly work environment that paves way for positive work relationships. Thus, the new employee finds it easier to settle down in his/her new role and work productively.
  • Fewer mistakes: Orientation prepares a new employee for the job and makes him/her relaxed and confident to some extent, knowing s/he has people to help or guide, whenever he/she requires it. Since relaxed and confident employees make fewer mistakes, the company can benefit from better productivity.
  • Better employee retention: Orientation creates a positive impression on new employees, making them feel a sense of belonging. When these people feel the company supports their professional development and goals, they are likely to praise it among their network (thus giving the company word-of-the-mouth publicity for free) and tend to stay with the company for a longer time.  In my opinion, having an effective employee orientation program is one of the easiest, and most important, things you can do to engage and retain top performing employees over the long term.

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