You have read a lot about how you can boost employee engagement but did you know the factors that can crush your employee morale and adversely affect employee engagement? If not, take a close look at the top 4 factors here:

  • Unclear goals: Just imagine moving the goalpost frequently and asking the footballer to score. It would be insane and tough, right? The same goes when you are continually changing the goals your employees have to achieve. This becomes all the more frustrating if the new goals are in direct contradiction of the previous goals or the objectives are changed before the previous goals are accomplished, thus making all the earlier work useless.
  • Devilish managers: Treating the employees poorly and acting as if they are lucky to even be working in the company instead of respecting them for their abilities can give rise to moral issues and cause a severe dent in employee engagement.
  • Unclear expectations: when employees have no idea what their job role is or what they are expected to accomplish, they become frustrated and can lose their drive to work well. Not getting any feedback on their work or grappling with criteria on which their work is judged could be other factors that can adversely affect employee morale and engagement.
  • Shoddy communication: Keeping employees in the dark or not communicating with them properly with respect to tasks, goals, deadlines, responsibilities etc often cerates resentment and gives rise to damaging rumors. The ability to communicate with those higher up in the chain of command is also crucial to make the employees feel heard. So, the lack of it too can reduce employee engagement.

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