Every business knows the importance of boosting employee engagement because a motivated, well focused employee would be more productive and give the business bottom-line a big boost. Yet, many struggle to achieve this basic goal. If you too belong to this league, here are 3 sure fire tips to improve employee engagement:

  • Ensure the workplace has a cordial environment: A workplace where colleagues are always bickering or fighting or have no trust for each other, or where the manager is always screaming or scheming, employee engagement is bound to suffer. Give your employees a happy and comfortable space conductive to good work and they will be happy to go that extra mile for you and your business.
  • Have a clear policy on vacations: Adequate rest is important for everyone and several studies have shown holidays for staff can boost their productivity. Yet, many employees may not want to take leaves or holidays for the fear of losing out to their colleagues, while managers may not be sure which overworked employees s/he should ask to take long vacations. So, design your day-off or vacation policies clearly so that both your employees and managers know about it.
  • Show you care: Be it getting health insurance for your employees, getting their health checked on a yearly/half-yearly basis, setting a gym in office, offering discounted membership at a local gym, or having an office canteen that delivers fresh, healthy foods, take steps to ensure the overall well-being of your employees, which in turn would improve their loyalty to and engagement with your company.

Make use of these tips to ensure employee engagement improves significantly. 

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