Every business knows retaining its employees is important. Yet, there isn’t any blueprint about how to do it. If you too are in the same league and struggling with employee retention, we have three key steps to help you get started:

  • Identify employees to engage with: Identify your top performers of the previous year or previous quarter (who have either “exceeded” or “far exceeded” expectations) and engage them in programs that aim to mentor them for handling bigger responsibilities and tasks involving decision making. This will make other employees motivated to perform better and strive to be in the same ranks in the future.
  • Ensure the managers are committed: Assign managers for managing these high performers and ensure the managers are committed to engage these people the right way by investing time and having appropriate and effective channels of fast communication in place. The managers should also have the bigger picture before them clear to chart their mode of progress accordingly. From inspiring the employees to communicating particular goals and responsibilitiesto them, the managers need to work closely with these star performers.
  • Give due recognition: An in-house event to praise top performers or sending them a personalized “Thank you” card signed by senior leaders would be a genuine and almost zero-cost gesture for the company. Yet, it would make the top performers feel proud, some of whom may even share news of the same on social media. This would even encourage their peers to work harder so that they too can get the same recognition and feel proud of their achievement.

Employee retention isn’t a rocket science. It just needs some careful planning and execution to retain your top talent and ensure your organization keeps moving forward with promise.

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