Do you know that 50% of leaders don’t actually listen to their employees? As a business owner, you might have exceptional intelligence and analytical skills but this drawback can simply ruin your career and reputation. If you belong to this group of non-listeners, you can try out these simple yet efficient ways to become a better listener.

  • Avoid being a phubber: When you’re concentrating greatly on electronic devices, you become unable to pay attention to what the other person is saying. You might be quite stressed and busy, but this habit makes your persona distracted and rude and leaves a negative mark on your leadership
  • Learn new things: If you don’t engage yourself in active conservation with your employees, you’d never be able to learn about their valuable ideas, ways to resolve workplace conflicts, etc. On the contrary, when your employees feel heard, they will look up to you as an effective leader.
  • Become a 360 listener: Today, hearing what your staff are saying isn’t enough anymore. Most communications remain non-verbal. A 360 listener not only pays attention to the employees’ words but follows the non-verbal cues as well. When you pay attention to the non-verbal cues like body language, tone of voice and fascial expressions, you can have a greater understanding of what the employees are saying and acknowledge their concerns.

Great listening is a crucial skill that a leader can possess. It boosts team spirit, promotes healthier work relationships and places your business goals in easier reach. So, learn and practice this leadership skill for it’s a win-win for both you and your employees.