Employees can make or break your business. No wonder it pays to hire the right talent. But what attributes to look for in your potential candidate? Here are the 3 C’s that can help you zero-in on the ideal job aspirants during your recruitment drive:

  • Competence: This is the most important factor to consider during recruitment. Find if your prospective candidate has the requisite education, skills and experiences to complete the tasks that would be allotted to him/her as part of his/her job profile successfully.
  • Compatibility: Since teamwork plays a key role in most workplaces today, find how well your candidate gets along with members of a group. This will give you an idea how s/he will perform with colleagues, or the way s/he would deal with your present and prospective partners and clients. Don’t forget to judge the person’s ability and readiness to be harmonious with the interviewers as well as the group members (say, during a group discussion session) as these too offer important inputs into his/her compatibility.
  • Commitment: Find if your job aspirant is looking for a long-term career, or is simply wanting to spend some time until a better job offer comes along? Weed out the ones looking for just a short-term job offer and searching for something better in the meanwhile. To get a clear insight into your candidate’s level of commitment during recruitment, you can take a look at his/her history of earlier jobs and the tenure spent at each since frequent job hopping is a sign of lack of long-term commitment.

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