You may have got a lot of advice for reducing staff turnover or wondered over several research results, each of which lists several steps to encourage employee retention. But did it all sound too much to incorporate all at once? If yes, try these simple yet effective three creative ways to keep your employees happy and productive:

  • Celebrate special occasions: Apart from your employee’s birthday or work anniversary, s/he also celebrates special occasions like marriage anniversary, children’s birthdays etc. You can be a part of such celebrations by sending a gift on behalf of the company (in the form of flowers, cash/cheque, discount coupons on purchase of company’s products/services) to make the day even more special for your employee. If these sound like an uphill task, even something as simple as a letter, phone call, or card too can do wonders for your employee’s morale.
  • Show you care: From having a day care to take care of your employees’ toddlers to setting up a gym in the office (to encourage good health), having a nap room (to help overcome the tiredness), or offering nutritious food in the office canteen together with a dietician’s consultation (if needed), you can take small steps to show you care for the overall well-being of your employees.
  • Help make a difference: Giving back to the community is a strong motivating and feel-good factor for many employees. As an employer, you can encourage this by getting your employees engaged in some weekend community work, or volunteering time with the Make a Wish Foundation or a community service day to truly bring a change in their lives as well as in the lives of people around them. You may award badges or other honors for such community service activities and even highlight the good work done on office bulletin-board or company magazine.
    Try these and let us know how it all helped in reducing staff turnover.

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