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6 Steps To Build a Candidate Pool To Make Recruitment Easier

Hiring the right candidates, especially at a short notice, could be a nightmare and involve a lot of stress. But you can make the entire process seamless if you create a candidate pool in advance, from which you can call a select few for the interview, as and when a vacancy arises. This way, you can [...]

5 Benefits of New Employee Orientation

If you think new employee orientation is simply a waste of time and doesn’t serve much of a purpose, think again. It has several benefits, which is why companies – both big and small, continue to use it. Here are some of these benefits that you too can get by having a planned orientation for [...]

4 Factors That Crush Employee Engagement

You have read a lot about how you can boost employee engagement but did you know the factors that can crush your employee morale and adversely affect employee engagement? If not, take a close look at the top 4 factors here: Unclear goals: Just imagine moving the goalpost frequently and asking the footballer to score. [...]

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3 Sure Fire Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Every business knows the importance of boosting employee engagement because a motivated, well focused employee would be more productive and give the business bottom-line a big boost. Yet, many struggle to achieve this basic goal. If you too belong to this league, here are 3 sure fire tips to improve employee engagement: Ensure the workplace has a [...]

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3 Key Steps for Your Employee Retention Program

Every business knows retaining its employees is important. Yet, there isn’t any blueprint about how to do it. If you too are in the same league and struggling with employee retention, we have three key steps to help you get started: Identify employees to engage with: Identify your top performers of the previous year or [...]

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3 Key Reasons Behind Employee Terminations

Employee termination is always undesired for both the employer and the employee. Unlike what some may think, employers don’t fire anybody for “just because”; instead, they have fair and specific reasons behind their action. Let’s have a look at 3 key factors responsible for employee terminations. 1. Inability to perform: You can be terminated because of [...]

Encouraging “Adequate Rest” – A Key Element for Employee Engagement

How many times have you seen some of your employees yawning a lot during the work hours or working like zombies with red eyes? And how many times have you or your managers being at the receiving end from an employee’s bad mood just because s/he wasn’t well rested? Adequate rest is a key element [...]

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3 Key Qualities of A Good Leader

Do you know that almost 1/4th of the leaders don’t actually listen to their employees? As a business owner, you might have exceptional intelligence and analytical skills but this drawback can simply ruin your career and reputation. If you belong to this group of non-listeners, you can try out these simple yet efficient ways to [...]

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3 C’s of employee recruitment

Employees can make or break your business. No wonder it pays to hire the right talent. But what attributes to look for in your potential candidate? Here are the 3 C’s that can help you zero-in on the ideal job aspirants during your recruitment drive: Competence: This is the most important factor to consider during [...]

3 creative ways for reducing staff turnover

You may have got a lot of advice for reducing staff turnover or wondered over several research results, each of which lists several steps to encourage employee retention. But did it all sound too much to incorporate all at once? If yes, try these simple yet effective three creative ways to keep your employees happy [...]