In today’s competitive business scenario where you need to have a solid workforce to sustain, increasing your employee retention rate has become one of most difficult HR activities. You not only have to hire the right employees, but also need to concentrate on keeping them onboard. This post provides you with 2 key employee retention tips that can be used to retain good employees and create a stable workforce.

  • Employee compensation: Gone are those days when employees were paid for the time they invested in working for an organization. Today, companies are paying for performance and this is applicable for every position. Therefore, you should incorporate a pay-for-performance strategy in your compensation plan. This strategy has two key foundations; namely describing the job and verifying performance against expectations. When employees exceed the set expectations, provide them with a bonus. It will also allow the employees to know the expectations and what level of effort they have to put in to obtain the bonus. But ensure that the bonus is solely based on pre-established profit goals, so that you don’t have to pay if your company doesn’t make a profit.
  • Working environment: To increase employee retention rates, you need to develop an employee-centric working environment that attracts and encourages the talents of good people. A good working environment consists of various factors including a well-developed value and culture system, clearly defined corporate mission, logical and clear operating policies, a secured working environment, etc. Most importantly, you should allow the employees to know the mission of your company and where it wants to stand in the future. This way, employees can align themselves with your company’s vision and mission and you can expect a lower turnover rate.

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