Employee engagement isn’t the same as employee satisfaction. Though many feel the two to be synonymous, they aren’t. By employee satisfaction, we just mean how content or happy an employee is. But we don’t consider other factors like that individual’s level of involvement, motivation, or emotional commitment to the job as well as the company. Employee engagement covers a much bigger area since it stands for the level of passion an employee has for his/her job, how committed he/she is to the company, and how much discretionary effort he/she puts into the work allotted to him/her.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what employee engagement is all about, let’s take a look at two key components that drive employee engagement:

  • Engagement with the company: This refers to the level of engagement of employees with the company as a whole, and by extension, their feelings about those belonging to the senior management team. From how confident the staff is about the organizational leadership to how well people are treated or like to be treated at work (where factors such as fairness, trust, respect, values etc come into play) forms the crux in this case.
  • Engagement with manager: Employee engagement has a lot to do with how the staff is treated by the direct supervisors or managers. From having a strong work relationships based on mutual trust and respect to getting a fair, unbiased treatment, quick direction and feedback together with feeling appreciated for good work, the employee-manager engagement is crucial for the betterment of both parties involved.

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